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Here's some reasons why we ask all students to bring a water bottle to their classes

Summertime is here and temperatures are on the rise, movement feels harder and your body fatigues faster. At Bristol Ballet School, we encourage your child to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. That is why drinking water is so important during class.

Follow these simple steps to make the heat less stressful on your body so that it doesn't keep you from dancing your best.

  1. Always bring a water bottle with you to class. If you have forgotten your water bottle, ask the teacher or a member of staff for a plastic cup of water(please note we do not allow glass in the studio).

  2. Some students love water, but for those who don't it is great to have their dance teacher encouraging them. Many students look up to their dance teacher as a role model and we are more than happy to lead the way.

  3. Take small sips regularly throughout the lesson to keep hydrated and cool.

  4. The schools dance wear has been specially designed to allow breathability, that is why it is so important to wear uniform to class. Ballet socks or shorts may be worn instead of tights in the summer months.

  5. Drinking water helps prevent injury and encourages healing - Water aids blood circulation encouraging injuries to heal quicker. Studies show that increased water intake relates to less chance of injury occurring.

  6. To avoid dehydration. Students are exercising during their classes so it's important to keep the body hydrated, just like you would during a sport activity.

  7. To increase energy. If you’re hydrated, your blood is thinner and your body can easily circulate it. The brain then becomes more active and your body feels more energetic.

  8. To increase concentration. If you’re hydrated, your blood is thinner, and your body can easily circulate it. The brain then becomes more active allowing it be easier to concentrate.

So drink up!

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