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Why 2 Ballet Classes a week?

Ballet is no more competitive than any other activity or discipline and classical technique requires continual training over many years. Students progress through Ballet Grades similarly to what they would in school. However, it is important to be aware that all children develop and make advancements at different rates, not necessarily age. It is only after the student has learned the ballet technique required for the grade they are studying that the student is moved to the subsequent level.

While students may spend a year in one grade as the body becomes strong enough to demonstrate the movements and technique required to be entered for examinations, others may need up to two years, this is not a process that should be hurried.

Students who attend two or more lessons a week and with regular and consistent attendance will progress in their studies and confidence in their abilities much faster then students who attend one weekly class.

At Bristol Ballet School we emphasise the importance of every student having an attainable goal. This is carefully evaluated at the discretion of the teacher. When the teacher is satisfied and confident in a students ability to be able to perform and demonstrate the grade they are studying, the student will be invited to either be entered into an RAD Examination or an in house Presentation Class.

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